Linda Hilditch

Hypnotherapy healing sound bath

Holistic Healing using the medium of sound.

Sound baths are a meditative experience using Gongs, Tibetan bowls, and Crystal bowls; rich deep tones, subtle, beautiful harmonics, and healing energy that cultivate harmony, peace, calmness, and well-being.


Vibe Tribe offers holistic healing through the medium of sound.

Rich sounds and vibrations created through instruments such as The Gong & Tibetan bowls have been used for thousands of years, aiding healing, meditation, balance, wellbeing, and spiritual practice to name a few.

It is said Buda instructed that all gongs and bells should be inscribed with the Tai Loi symbols meaning “Happiness has arrived”. Vibe Tribe offers a weekly sounds bath at the Pyramid Arts Centre in the heart of the Cultural Quarter in Warrington, as well as group booking, corporate events, and individual healing.

Sound baths are a meditative experience where participants lay on a mat, or sit in a chair, after a short meditation a variety of instruments are played, generating rich deep tones, subtle and beautiful, the vibrations create frequencies, overtones, and harmonics building on top of each other creating the feeling of being bathed in sound and healing universal energy.

Vibe tribe has an extensive variety of instruments, including, Symphonic gongs, Wind gong, crystal bowls, crystal triangles, crystal harp, chimes, drums, and over 15 Tibetan bowls including sonic energy bowls to create a truly magical experience.

Vibe Tribe offers a complementary therapy that can be used to aid wellness; however, it is not a replacement for proven treatments or medications prescribed. Linda Hilditch BSc (Hons) is a full member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists, the National Counselling Society, and the National Hypnotherapy Society and has worked with individuals and groups for the past decade helping people to be their best version.