Business Besties Networking

1st Monday of the month 9.30am-12.30 Networking, intention setting, business support and learning, guest speakers, ticket only Byokob Business Besties Self care for you & your business & Support for your soul I don’t know about you but I tend to get so caught up working in my business! Leaving not much space/ time/ energy to work on my business! This regular monthly get together is that relaxing time and space to work on your business! In a chilled friendly casual way 🥰😍 Put you and your business in your diary ❤️ 6th June 9.30am -12.30 1st Session - Guest speaker Eileen Herkess talking about networking and providing us with some gorgeous pampering too ❤️ Cake & Coffee ❤️ Intention setting and relaxation❤️ Skill shares, journey shares, Friendship, business besties, because without that it can be tough and lonely running a business. When did you last just spend time with your business? When did you last give it some love? When did you last celebrate your wins? When did you last have a good rant about something business related? When did you last connect with other business owners in an informal and relaxed environment? When did you last chill with your business ideas and let them flow? When did you last have a sounding board for all your glorious ideas? When did you last have a space to get together with other people playing the same game of life and business as you? When did you last make the time to go within, and really ponder where you are headed? Whilst supported. This new monthly event is self care for your business. And soul food and support for you. book yourself in to your diary! Monthly event 3 hours 1st Monday of the month 9.30-12.30 Relaxation Ice breaker In the spotlight. A bit about you ❤️ Chat connect chill Safe friendly welcoming casual informal environment. Make connections with Like minded people Relax, talk, chill. Connect, network. Learn, Accountability, skill share, Intention setting. Support, cheer each other on. “People don’t buy in to your products, they buy in to you” a place you can be all of your business. And all of you. The good the bad and the ugly, the amazing and the woo woo!! All of you and your business is welcome in this space ❤️ We start with a relaxing meditation to switch the world off and dedicate this time to you and your business. We End with intention setting for the month ahead. ( holding each other accountable each month to make sure we get shit done!) A guest speaker, tons of help support and lots of woo woo in between 😊😊 1st Monday of the month, every month. Put YOU and your business in your diary. Fall in love with your business and share the adventure with your new business besties ❤️ getting every month off to a positive and supported start 🙏🏻💫✨❤️ “Be your own kind of beautiful business besties “ Very 1st meeting Monday 6th June 9.30-12.30 @ byokob Ticket only as places are limited. £15

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Reiki Share

Friday 22nd April 11am-1pm

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Hypnotic Healing Sound Bath

The Vibe Tribe are pleased to announce our unique and revolutionary therapeutic combination of Sound Healing Combined with Hypnosis

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Mindfulness workshop

Trance Workshop

With Julia Millar

Last Sunday of every month at be your own kind of beautiful

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Baby Massage

Coming soon Fridays 11am

Reiki Training

Level 1 2 & Master Training Reiki Development Classes

Crystal Cavern

Pop up crystal shop